Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hi Everyone!

Ok,so it’s time for me to think about opening for new orders. I want to do things a little differently, as the last order proved to me that running this alongside my other jobs is no easy task. Too many mistakes appeared in the last order, caused by both myself and issues with communication with the company, and I want to work to minimise these issues in the future. I never really intended for this to become as big as it is (all I wanted was a wig like Cat Coco’s for my dolls!), but now that it I will do my best to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible and everyone is happy.

As a result there’s a few changes:

1) Each order will be colour and style limited. This means that each ordering period (probably… four per year?) I will offer maybe three wig styles in the most popular colours. This is to cut down on the number of random wigs ordered and also to make things a bit easier to I don’t have to chase people to ask if it’s ok for a grey wig to be switched to silver etc :P If you’re after another style it does mean waiting until the next ordering period, unless I already have it in stock which hopefully will happen someday J

2) I will run the preorder from my shop. This means that you will need to have paid within a three week period. After that period is up, I will only accept new orders through the same site for wigs I will have in stock. This hopefully will stop me making mistakes where I can’t work out who wants what where… if they were all bought from one place I will have a solid record of who has what, instead of trawling through excel spreadsheets and emails to check.

3) You will pay your shipping fees when you preorder the wigs, again so there’s less running around tracking payments etc. This means when they arrive I can start shipping straightaway to everyone, instead of having to work out who’s paid shipping fees.

4) Everyone in this order will sign up to a new mailing list. This is so I can keep the new order separate from the old, and should make mass communication a little easier.

I hope you’re all ok with these changes, and see why they have to be made. I’d love to say that I can keep all the styles and colours open, and chop and change orders but the sad fact is, I don’t have the time or the mental capabilities for hard business! Hopefully this is a good compromise J

The last crappy bit of news is that UK VAT (Value Added Tax) will increase in January of next year, so after this order I will have to increase the price of each wig from $26 to $27 to cover higher shipping fees and higher taxes. The October order should hopefully be here before then so the price for those wigs will remain set at $26.

Ok, essay over! Thanks a lot everyone,

Chloe x

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Shop Opening!

Finally the shop is open! Please click the above link to see what's available :) Preorder coming soon!

Chloe xx