Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Group Order thread posted + Extra colours


I posted a thread on DoA, located here. If you can't see the thread or you aren't a member, you can still join! Please just send me a flickr mail or write a comment on here to join, stating the number and colour of wigs you'd like.

Hopefully we can fill 50 slots pretty quickly! The wigs are $26 plus shipping from me to you, there are no paypal fees. If you are ordering over 5 wigs I can arrange direct EMS to you, but you will need to pay the shipping fee: each wig will be $23 if this is the case but you will need to pay fees so please let me know beforehand :)

Most people seem to want a tighter wig cap and the same length. If you are adament you don't want these details let me know, I can probably get some wigs made with shorter hair but you will not be able to see them as a sample I'm afraid.


Some people asked about whites, so here's some more (NON heat resisting) colours (bottom row):
Bubblegum, Pure White, Grey White, Gold, Chocolate, Teddy Gold, Gold/Pink mix.

Participants (Rough List) 19/50

1-9 Kitty
10-18 Lorelei
19-21 C
22-25 Pandadesign

Monday, 29 March 2010

It's here!

Hooray, hooray hooray hooray!

It's here! I am well chuffed (a colloquial term :P), it's beautiful. the fibre is soft and silky, the curls only needed a little reshaping, the fringe falls in the right place, love it. The only issue I can see is that A) the wig cap is a little loose, and B) the length is a little long. I'd like some answers about the length please, and also if you think a loose wig cap may be an issue let me know.

I'd like to open orders in a matter of days :) Keep an eye out, it'll hopefully be a short ordering period!

Chloe xx

PS Thinking of naming the Style "Angela" or "Favorleigh" after a character in an Enid Blyton series I read as I child. I remember this girl taking great pride in her blonde hair, and spending ages making sure the curls at the ends were perfect!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wigs, Glorious Wigs!

Ok, so I got an update from the first company and they are willing to offer me a better discount (yey!) but it requires that I put in an order for 100 wigs (boo...). Normally I'd say this would be fine as I can order an excess of wigs and have some in stock to sell on DoA/Etsy/here, but 100 wigs is a fair amount... I'd need at least 50 of those to be a preorder. If I can manage this then wigs will almost certainly be $26 each, less than if I only order say thirty and split the shipping. HOWEVER:

1) We will have to wait for 50 preorders.
2) I will need to do a quick survey to find out which colours to keep 'in stock'.
3) The wait will probably mean that I am back in the UK when they are made, and so the shipping to the USA will be more, but to Europe will be less.

Please let me know what you think: better to wait longer and pay less on wigs, but more on shipping for USA types, or better to order a smaller amount and possibly have them here before I leave America. If a person is ordering a larger number of wigs and is ok to pay the EMS shipping to get them posted straight to them, that's ok too :)

Please do the poll to the right!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wig Status :)

Above photo is slightly over exposed, so you can see the differences in colours more clearly ;)

Above photo is colour samples from the second company (shown in mohair, the same colours are available in heat resisting fibre, which I'll be ordering in)... love that blue!

Hi All!

So, I'm in talks with a new company right now about making the future wigs I'd like, as the one I chose for the first wig has plans to add them to their website and don't plan on offering me a profitable discount. I do not want to charge ridiculous amounts for the wigs as I want them to be beautiful but affordable, but I cannot continue to work with that company if they will not offer me the discount I need, especially after moving back to customs central ie. the UK!
To clarify, I'm also taking into account my time designing the wig styles, working with the manufacturer to make sure they're perfect and any restyling they need when they get to me (I'm hoping to reduce the gaps you can see between the curls). I will not be charging Paypal fees and I'm hoping that customs won't require me to increase prices when I get back to the UK (UK taxes are typically £13.50 or $18 plus 17.5%). I can't charge more than they do themselves because they may start to sell this style on their site, so to make this a good venture to me I need them to offer me a small retail discount :)

So, for now the wigs will be made by this company, available in those colours. In the future this may change: I'm not offering them any more concepts until I can be sure I will have exclusivity/a better discount over my designs in future... does that make sense?

Now, on to the wigs themselves.

I'm so excited people are interested in buying them! I can only see one potential problem, and that's the timing of the GO. My wig is on its way and should hopefully be here in a week or two. Then if I give it say a week to put in the order and three to make it, we could be recieving them in early May... only problem is, I don't know where I'll be! I'll be in America for definite, but I am travelling after my course ends and won't be at one address for long.

I think I will give them a friends address: I'm staying with her towards the end of May. That way when they arrive I can do any restyling that's necessary, get the USA ones posted out and probably carry the UK/Europe ones back with me in my suitcase for cheaper postage from the UK: whoopee!

Hope that sounds reasonable, I'll post on here once I know what's going on.

Chloe xx

PS I love bold!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First Wigs!

Hi everyone!

So, you're here because you expressed interest in the Lati Flip wig, but I can't sell on Flickr, especially now they've deleted all the good groups... grrr...

Anyhoo, here I am! *ahem*. I want to wait until my wig arrives before I state a definite price, but I know it will be no more than $30, probably around the $26 mark to get the wig from them to me, and for me to restyle the wig. Postage from me to you will be exact costs only as I'm not a postage profiteer ;) So maybe... $30 total, including shipping from me to you? It'd be less if I'm in the same country (I am back in the UK from June). Would that be ok with people?

As a teaser, I hope you like the bob concept shown above :) It's the one I'm going to suggest next: I really like it! I have a whole sheet of these ready to draw up in Photoshop.

So, in conclusion... please FM me or leave a note here saying if you'd like to join the GO, what you'd like to order and if you're ok with the price. Once I have enough to split the EMS shipping evenly I will start to ask for cash :)

Thanks so much for your opinions everyone!

Chloe xxx

Top Row: Black, Darkets Brown, Chocolate Brown, Auburn, Brown, Dark Blonde, Ash Blonde

Second: Light Brown, Red Brown, Red, Gold, Burgundy, Plum, Maroon,

Third: Light Blonde, White Blonde, Peacock, Bright Blue, Lilac, Pale Blue, Pink

Fourth: Silver, Grey, (Turquoise, Green, Royal Blue, Purple, Red: these are non-heat resisting)

There is also a brighter white, a few more blondes and a pretty gold-pink mix (non heat resisting, not shown)