Wednesday, 21 April 2010

About Lati Whites

Hey :)

Ok, so I asked about Lati White wigs. Sadly they can't do any of the fancy wig styles in this size (boo) but they can make a short bob and a longer straight wig with side bangs. I'm going to add a few of these to the order and was wondering if anyone had any colour preferences? Please FM me or comment here/on a photo on Flickr to let me know!


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Order Placed!

FINALLY, our order is placed! I can't wait until the postman knocks on my door with a bajillion wigs in a massive box, ready to send out to everyone :) I'll keep you all updated, don't worry!
I thought it was about time I revealed the other wig styles that are coming: these are very sketchy sketches as I haven't had time to finish the full concepts, but at least you can see what styles are coming and what's in stock. I'm saving the white Ballerina wigs for a contest, should be fun!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tentatively Trying Out a New Shop...

Blargh, I have such limited understanding of CSS that this shop thing may not have been a good idea... still, worth a try, eh?

I have a link to the left here that connects you to the shop so you cna see current wigs available for pre order: these are the ones that I added to the order to keep in stock, so they should arrive in the Middle of May. Any orders before that can be shipped from the US or the UK: after that it's UK only I'm afraid, as I'm off back home!

So, please have a quick look at the shop and if you see any issues please let me know.

IF YOU KNOW CSS and think you could code an Ecwid shop layout for me, I'd love to hear from you! Please email me at cj82 at so we can talk: I can trade wigs/cash for your time :)


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Here we are! Please read the post on DoA for full details on the order, I will be sending out messages asking for payment over the next few days. Unfortunately I will now have to ask for paypal fees to be covered by the buyers as the company has put the cost of each wig up by about $3.50... I don't want to put up my asking price so hopefully you won't mind covering this amount. I wish I didn't have to do this but without filling the 50 slots combined with that price hike it's too much for me to cover :(


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pukifee Too!

I snapped a quick pic of my Pukifee Zoe wearing the wig for Pukifee owners who're contemplating :) As of now we have... 29? of the 50 wigs I need as preorders so I'm hoping some more people join us! As I'm already paying for half of the wigs to keep 'in stock' I do need these spaces filled, so please please please join us :) As I said before, I think this may be your only chance to get these colours from me so impulse buy ;)
Off to bump the DoA thread!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Whats Wit' Your Orderin' Spaz, Guuuuurl?? :P

(above title to match Lakhi's gangsta pose ;) )
Ok, so the company in their infinite wisdom have laid a triple bomb on me this week. It's called 'shooting yourself in the foot' in laymans terms because it means I am almost certainly going with the other supplier for future wigs. Here's their terms:

1) "Oh! We accidentally told you the discount was more than in was, but actually the wigs cost more because of the custom wig cap!"

...errr, ya, except the cap doesn't fit properly? They've basically taken away a chunk of discount becuase of this which makes no sense to me at all. If I'd been aware of it I would have priced the wigs differently (probably at $27.50) but they've sprung this on me so late I'd feel awful adding it on now people have placed orders... it means I have to order less wigs to keep in stock because I can't afford to make a loss on these now :(

2) "You need to pay extra for shipping a big order of wigs!!"

... great, any idea how much?? Another price increase...

3) "Oh we forgot, you have to order at least three of any colour!"

... Meh! That's rubbish! It means to keep the people who've ordered unusual colours happy I'll have to stock those weird colours instead of the more popular ones! Meh!

Grr.... not happy with them. I really hope that the other company pulls it through and comes up with something truly amazing from my designs, because the way things are going it won't be hard to come out on top of this mess!

So, in conclusion, please join me if you like this companies colours because it may be your only chance to get them! :P Thread's here.

Chloe xxx