Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Order Sheet

Order Sheet, originally uploaded by Gantaeno.
Hi all!

If you've been following me on Flickr you may have spotted the arrival of my first Lati mohair wig samples.

As expected, a few corrections need to be made to check that they will definitely suit the smaller Lati Yellow heads. The pic above shows the changes I want to make, although I may also switch the ginger wig to a middle parting no fringe so there's a bit of variety.

I'd love to hear opinions so I know I'm ordering the right colours and quantity. I think that these wigs will ordinarily cost $25. Because this is the first time I will be ordering samples and can't promise perfection, for a limited time only the preorders will be listed at just $15. Please order if you do think you fancy a wig as they won't be this cheap again! The only way I can justify that price this time is because the company is letting me do a small order first time only.

Big pic here:

Any questions or comments? Please let me know :)


Chloe xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Delay Explanation

Delay, originally uploaded by Gantaeno.

Sorry for the delay on shipping everyone: we found out on Monday that my school was being inspected by the government on Wednesday and Thursday :( Que mad teacher panic! I'm aiming to get another 20 or so packages out tomorrow after school, and the rest Friday and Saturday. I always ship in order order (lol) so if you paid your preorder around Feb 5th you'll be next to ship.

Thanks for understanding x

Friday, 13 April 2012

Wigs in Stock and Future News

Pixie PinkWhi DT, originally uploaded by Gantaeno.

Hello everyone :)

Well, my latest wig order arrived and it wonderful as ever: I've begun shipping and hope tyo have them all shipped out before the end of next week (I will have to ship after work to get it done but that's ok!). With the amount of work I have set for the future I think that unfortunately this will be my last wig order from this company for a while, maybe until June or even July. I have to concentrate on my studies and interviewing for teaching jobs now so I hope you understand.

In addition, the Post Office in the UK has announced its intention to raise parcel prices significantly next month. It is likely that the cost of shipping within the UK will double and there will be raises in price for the rest of the world too... I will wait and see how much this change will affect me and keep my fingers crossed I can limit the cost but I may need to step down to second class delivery to keep costs low. You can read about this here:

Finally, I will have a photo contest running soon! Please make sure you're a member of my mailing list as they get information first :)

Cheers all!

Chloe xx