Friday, 27 August 2010


Just a copy of the order email :)

Ok, so the wigs are on their way FINALLY :) It is Bank Holiday on Monday here in the UK so I am expecting the parcel on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how the customs payment works out. I am hoping to start asking for postage payments now as I will be unable to post any wigs out from September 6th to September 12th: people who pay now will be first to have their wigs sent out to them when they've arrived to me.

Postage costs will be

Service UK Europe World
First Class (up to 6 wigs) $4.50 $4.50 $6.75
First Class (up to 12 wigs) $5.50 $7 $11
First Class Recorded (up to 6 wigs, delivery proof no tracking) $5.50 $10 $13.25
First Class Recorded (up to 12 wigs, delivery proof no tracking) $6.50 $13.50 $17.50

I believe this is correct based on the weight of the box and wigs I have here with me: I'll be using Royal Mail and have used their website to calculate costs. if you want an additional service (eg. tracking) please contact me. If you've paid for EMS shipping I will contact you soon. If you have only one or two wigs I can check the pricing of sending a smaller recycled box for you but you'll have to wait for their arrival and for me to find boxes I'm afraid!

My paypal is AMAZING ;)

Any questions, let me know :) Thank you for your patience!


PS: Please fill out the poll about the next order: the company has told me I can't get mixes of sizes next time so I have to find a new way of doing this... I need your opinions!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Preview of Work in Progress wigs: do not judge me!

Ok, so these are extreme WIPs but I thought I'd let you all know what direction we're going in :)

1. Gretel. I'm hoping to have this one made with plaits too, just to see if they're interchangeable. It should be possible to get a side parting as well. Not sure if I should ask for a thinner hair bunch?

2. Tinker. I'm sure you know who this is based on! I'm planning on having the yellow-gold wig be my donation wig, where the proifits will go to Great Ormand Street Childerns Hospital in London (the rights to Peter Pan were donated to this hospital by the author). I'm hoping to have the bun a little less orderly, although it does look pretty fancy!

3. Victory. This one needs the most work: as you can see it's too thich and the curls aren't quite as tight and sausage-y as they should be. I'll be sending them a few more pics to see if the more traditional victory roll can be achieved: if not then the idea will sadlyb have to be scrapped!

I'd love to know your opinions :)

PS How AMAZING is my shop background?!? The shop is going to be AWESOME when it's done :)

Friday, 13 August 2010

Quick Query :)

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since the last blog update but as the order is nearing its completion I thought I might as will have one central post to refer people to!
Ok, I am hoping that the wigs are pretty much done: the company contacted me yesterday with some exciting news: they've been working on some new exclusive designs for me and will probably have a preview finished for tomorrow! Oh yeah! As you know up until now I have had to accept that all the designs I've worked on have also been added to the companies website, which is not great. These two new designs will be EXCLUSIVE TO ME (hurrah) and I hope to add piccys tomorrow!!

In other news I'm adding a new poll and would appreciate your opinions :) It's about Hand Craft Glass eyes and whether or not you'd be interested in buying them from me if I had a stock of them?The company gives a discount of 40% if you buy in bulk so they'd be a bit cheaper to buy a single pair from me too :) I've got a few photos of their eyes in my dolls here:

I'm also happy to announce that the website is almost done and looks GORGEOUS thanks to two great people who've offered me help: I can't wait to unveil that too!

Thanks a lot for sticking with me :)

Chloe xx