Saturday, 16 July 2011


Hi All,

It's nearly time for orders to close! I hope you've found the wigs you like, so far there are quite a few wig colours and styles that are very popular, and only a few that have one or two buyers... I think we can manage all the wigs ordered :)

I will let you all know when I have a better idea of a shipping date.



Monday, 4 July 2011


OPEN, originally uploaded by Gantaeno's epic journey has begun!.

I'm Open for business!

Hi All! I've decided to open slightly earlier so I have time to close orders whilst within easy reach of a computer. I know it will clash with the purchase of lovely new Lati dolls (I LOVE these new tans! Such a tough decision...) so I'm expecting later orders. I may keep the shop open a little longer but please don't rely on that happening... you can see more comparison pics in my Flickr account just in case you need them.
Here's what I'm ordering...

Pixie Wigs for Lati Yellow
Tinker wigs for Lati Yellow
Short Alice wigs for Puki and Lati Yellow
Smooth Cassidy wigs for Lati Yellow

Wow, I got talked into a few more styles! If you'd like Yo-SD wigs in these styles please contact me as I haven't added them yet!

I will only order colours that have three or more orders as usual, because I have to fill a minimum order.

This time I want to do things a little differently to reward those people who place orders early with me which makes my life so much easier. If you order a wig at the preorder stage before I announce final colours (ie in the first two or three weeks) I will be charging just $26 per wig, which puts the price down to what it was before VAT went up :) If you order after that but before they arrive, I will probably make them $27, but as soon as it's announced that they're on their way the price will be set at $28 as usual. Early orders make my life easier, and it should make it better for you guys too, so you don't have to ask 'why didn't you order X wig in X colour' when they arrive :P I hope you like my idea and I hope it will save you some money in future.

Thank you!


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Preorder Explaination

Here's some FAQ answers :) Please read the next post down as well as it contains information specific to this order.

1) Can I get Colour X in style X?

Ok, so for each order I try to keep to a few core styles, with maybe a few extras thrown in... this time we've ended up with much more interest in the Short Alice wig which was in fact preordered last time... normally I would prefer to not order duplicates, but I don't mind adding some popular colours...

For each wig my company says I must order at least 5 or 6 of each colour within a style, so if someone wants to add a colour that's not offered, I have to know that other people will buy: preferably at least three should be sold within the pre-order period as the rest comes out of my own money.

For Puki wigs you are restricted anyway: Only black bordered (non heat resisting) colours can be ordered because of the weft thickness.

2) Can I add a wig in a style that's not being offered?

It is hard for me to run orders that become over complicated: I do this completely in my spare time as a hobby so please bare with me when I forget stuff or say no: it's because I can only see myself continuing with this as long as it remains a fun thing to do on top of my job and studies... I can usually tell you when I'm likely to order your preferred style again though?

3) I recognise some of those styles from Lati!

Yup, you've guessed it: I use the same company as Lati themselves do. It started when I contacted a wig manufacturer about a year ago, asking if they would consider adding Lati sized wigs to their range. They worked on a new wig cap size and then a wig design that I'd drawn up based on the Cat Coco wig: that's the Tracy wig that started all of this!

Since then I am proud to say that Lati have used some of my designs alongside their own and those of the original company. I hope I can come up with more unique styles for everyone in the not so distant future.

4) I noticed the web site is down for maintenance/ I can't get into your shop!

I am currently on holiday XD

I will reopen for pre-orders sometime next week, and I will be open for two weeks only: at this time the shop will be working. During this time wigs will be reduced to $26. After pre-order closes the price will increase to $27, and then to $28: this is to encourage and reward those people who order early as it costs me less and makes the purchase less complicated!

Currently the shop is closed because the wigs I have in stock are in England and I won't be back until August: if anything were to sell to people who didn't realise I was away they'd be waiting for a long time ;)

5) How do I contact you away from Flickr?

Email me! You can sign up to the mailing list using the form on the right here --->

My address is rapunzel-rapunzel AT hotmail

6) How do I find out when the preorder opens?

Many, many random ways: the best is via the mailing list as mentioned above, but if you watch my Flickr stream I usually announce things fairly obviously on there. There's also a Flickr group, I use Den of Angels fairly regularly and I change my signature on there to reflect upcoming orders.

NEW 7) How long will the order take to arrive?

Usually it's about 6 weeks after my order opens, but this time it may be longer because they've warned me next month will by busy for them... I hope before September ends... I will keep everyone up to date :)

NEW 8) Can I get a discount if I order more?

Yes, I'm pleased to say that people who order 15 or more wigs are entitled to a group order discount: please contact me for more information!


Ok, I hope that helps? Please message me somewhere if there's anything else you need to know, but be aware that I'm on holiday and won't reply instantly :)

Thanks a lot,

Chloe x