Sunday, 20 March 2011

Cherry Tree's Big Shave for Japan

Hi everyone,

Seems like a while since I posted! The current order is well under way, so hopefully that will be with us be the end of April.

However, the disaster in Japan has prompted me to do something I haven't done before: offer a white Prima Ballerina wig for sale. I always said I wouldn't sell them in white but I have to mark this disaster and offer something special to raise as much money as possible, so it looks like Cherry Tree will be bald for a while! I was hoping to split the profit with Red Nose Day here in the UK but it won't let you split it...

The auction starting price is 99p so less of the final bid is paid as fees, more as donation. Please go take a look, as I'm hopeful that I won't be selling these wigs too often! It will run from tonight until next Sunday 9pm BST.

If you're realing this too late, please remember that the yellow Tinker wigs in my shop are ALWAYS charity wigs, with the profits going to Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital :)

Thank you for reading!