Monday, 3 May 2010

Wig Previews :D

Lati Yellow Pixie Style: A cute boy cut, very happy with this one!

Lati Yellow Cassidy Style: A layered style with a mix of pink and white fibres. Pretty happy but thinking of asking them to tone down the flicks?

Lati White Long Style: Ahh, so cute! I don't know whether to ask them to make it with side swept bangs or not?

Lati White Bob: I hope this will be really cute on :)

Ok, so you've all seen the preview and many people have asked the same questions, so here's my FAQ!

1) Can I get the wig in _______ colour?

I can order the Lati White wigs in any of the black bordered colours in the colour palette (I just added another row of colours). For now the ones available are listed on the individual sample pages :)

Lati Yellow sizes can be ordered in any colour and any style.

2) When can I order these wigs?

I will run a preorder from the UK if there's enough interest: this time I will need to order a larger number and pay customs fees so I will have to see what happens... I plan on keeping the price the same for future orders and refunding current customers their paypal fees to make up for this ;)

3) How much will they be?

For the Lati Yellow wigs I will ask the same as the previous order ($26), but I will refund current customers paypal fees by making their shipping costs cheaper: this is to make up for the fact that future orders will include my customs fees... boo hiss boo!

The Lati white wigs I am talking to the company about. basically they require that I sell at a minimum price but I think the Lati Yellow price is too high for a Lati White wig: I will try to barter them down two or three dollars to make them cheaper, around $23-24.

Thanks a lot!

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