Wednesday, 1 December 2010

About Tax and Prices and More...

Hi Everyone!

Ok, I'm going to start with the good news :) Our order is nearly done and will hopefully ship out soon, which means that (fingers crossed. knock on wood) some of our gangs may have their new hair before Christmas! On top of that I will have a new style to reveal very soon, once finishing touches are added to it: i hope you will all like it...

Secondly, I have checked with the company who make the wigs for me and they are all safe and sound, here's hoping the current conflicts in Korea can be resolved safely and with no more loss of life.

Here's the not so good news: there's going to have to be a price increase...

The first order was fine as I asked $26 plus paypal fees for each wig, and I was in America at the time so paid no import duty at all... since moving back to the UK I have not added paypal fees and on top of that I have not asked any more to cover the cost of import duty, which is generally 17.5%.

From January the import tax in the UK will increase from 17.5% to 20% (read about it here). On top of this, the company who make my wigs for me say that if I continue to pay with paypal they will have to charge me $2 more per wig: sounds like a little but with the import tax as well if means I'm getting into the relm of this costing me more than it's worth to run! I'm looking at bank transfers at the moment but even then I have to deal with both Paypal and my Banks crappy rate of exchange from dollars to pounds, and then to won. I will do my best to find the cheapest option.

Either way, it's likely to mean a price rise to $28 per wig. I can absorb the cost of either the import tax or the exchange rates, but not both! Please, please let me know how you feel about this as I do not want to alienate people or leave anyone feeling that this is too high a price. I will do my best to reduce it but it's looking like the only option will be this price increase. You're welcome to post on Flickr (please don't make it sound like a sale post though!), send me an e-mail or post on here, any comments are much appreciated.

Thanks a lot, sorry to have to do this!

Chloe xxx

PS the new girl in the pic is a revamped Pirate Lea, who was made over by the wonderful Andreja. Her name is 17 Cherry Tree Lane: I think she's fab!


  1. I haven't bought any from you (yet!!), but I'm hoping to join the next preorder you have. I understand completely that you need to raise prices and the reasons are very fair in my opinion. I would rather pay 28$ instead of not being able to buy from at all!

  2. Hiya Kat,

    Massive thanks for commenting, I really do want as many opinions as possible before I decide. I am glad my increase doesn't seem unreasonable to you and that you will still consider joining the next preorder (should be late January by the way!) It is at the point where it has to be an increase or no more wigs as the order takes quite a lot of work too: I don't see this venture as a big profit turner, but I don't want it to cost me money and time either!

    Thanks again :)

  3. $2 price increase really wouldn't bother me at all (what is that, like 1.00 Sterling?). And it certainly wouldn't deter me from ordering more wigs in the future. Prices go up, it happens.
    No worries.

  4. I think this is more than reasonable to add $2.00 and I too hope to join the preorder in January :) Will you have any extras available to buy in December ?

    You should not have to absorb the costs for us !

  5. Thank you both :) I appreciate your comments *hugs for all!*

    $2 is like... £1.50 methinks, so not huge but still I want to be sure before I make them too expensive... I know there are some people out there selling wigs from this company for $60-100 but I would never do that!

    I will have plenty available in December, you can see what's available (and buy) now under 'Preorder' on the shop page but many new colours don't have photo's yet... mostly I will have around four of each colour in stock :)