Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thinking Ahead...

Hi everyone, just wanted to add a quick update of the last and next orders, so you all know where I am!

The last order was I think, a far greater success than the one before it, mainly because I don't think I've made a mistake yet! (*knock on wood*) I'm sure you'll agree making the switch to a shop based order system is a lot safer and has been far more successful. In addition, with only a few hiccups where to shop decided I could have -1 quantities of a few wigs (!) it keeps me a lot more organised in terms of stock totals. Most popular this time were the new colour mix pink/white Prima, the pure white Tinker and the classic pure white Tracy.

Although I'd originally planned to host another order in January, my new job and other complications will push this back until February: any opinions? What I hope to do is start an order for Prima, Pixie and Tinker styles swith possibly a few random others thrown in, and simultaneously have a special discount event on the site. The discount will run for one day only, February 14th. If a mix of preorder wigs and instock wigs are ordered, they will be posted together once the preorders arrive, so if you need the wigs as soon as possible, please place seperate orders!

Another reason for the delay is so I have time to continue work on the prototype for the Goldilocks wig style shown above. I think it's really cute but it definitely needs work, particularly on the bulk and the fringe. I hope to have a final design verified in time for the order after this one.

Finally, I know a lot of people have been asking for the wig style with the little plaits sticking out of the bottom that Hallowe'en Cat Lea has. I haven't yet taken orders for a design that isn't directly mine or one of my companies core styles, but I will be discussing the possibility of adding this wig to my repetoire. It may be that they require me to change a few details, but so many people have asked that I have to see what I can do. If I get the go ahead I will be preordering these in February too.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Chloe x

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