Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Hi All,

I'm moving back to University in less than a week, hurrah! Here's a few pieces of info I think you may want to know...

1) Please don't forget to enter the Gaga contest! it ends this week and so far if you're entered you're guaranteed to win :P

2) My new accomodation apparently won't accept parcel for me :S DISASTER.... I'm hoping to chat up the security guards, but until I can do that this will have two effects.

- I have to get the latest order sent home, so forwarding them from my address may take a few weekends... sorry, but there's nothing I can do :(

- If I can't talk the accomodation types 'round, then this may be the last order this year. It's going to be too hard to organise orders once I'm doing classes AND teaching placements, if I have to travel home just to post wigs! We'll see though :)

3) As I'm moving I will CLOSE the shop from this Thursday. I will reopen as soon as I hear from the company that my order is on its way... make sense? So, last chance for preorder discounts :)

Thank you everyone!

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