Thursday, 27 October 2011

Posted Everything!

Phew! I know I can't control how long it takes for my orders to be made, but when I promise a deadline at my end I'm going to meet it if it kills me! *Nurses paper cut hands*

Today I have posted all outstanding orders. There's only one wig style missing from the box which I will contact the company about: I have emailed those it involves. The prizes for the competition have also been posted, hurrah!

Thanks for being so patient, everyone :)

In other news, to continue my massively dedicated day (yey!) I will be going through and counting stock tonight and hopefully taking all my wigs to University with me tomorrow. This means that I can open my shop in a matter of days rather than weeks, yey!

On top of that, I will be doing a very small, very quick order soon... keep an eye on me for details.

Thanks again!

Chloe xxx

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