Thursday, 1 April 2010

Whats Wit' Your Orderin' Spaz, Guuuuurl?? :P

(above title to match Lakhi's gangsta pose ;) )
Ok, so the company in their infinite wisdom have laid a triple bomb on me this week. It's called 'shooting yourself in the foot' in laymans terms because it means I am almost certainly going with the other supplier for future wigs. Here's their terms:

1) "Oh! We accidentally told you the discount was more than in was, but actually the wigs cost more because of the custom wig cap!"

...errr, ya, except the cap doesn't fit properly? They've basically taken away a chunk of discount becuase of this which makes no sense to me at all. If I'd been aware of it I would have priced the wigs differently (probably at $27.50) but they've sprung this on me so late I'd feel awful adding it on now people have placed orders... it means I have to order less wigs to keep in stock because I can't afford to make a loss on these now :(

2) "You need to pay extra for shipping a big order of wigs!!"

... great, any idea how much?? Another price increase...

3) "Oh we forgot, you have to order at least three of any colour!"

... Meh! That's rubbish! It means to keep the people who've ordered unusual colours happy I'll have to stock those weird colours instead of the more popular ones! Meh!

Grr.... not happy with them. I really hope that the other company pulls it through and comes up with something truly amazing from my designs, because the way things are going it won't be hard to come out on top of this mess!

So, in conclusion, please join me if you like this companies colours because it may be your only chance to get them! :P Thread's here.

Chloe xxx

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