Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wigs have arrived!

They're finally here!

I'm working on packaging up all 212 wigs this weekend and hoping to get them all out as soon as I can :)

I'm really pleased with the new styles! Hopefully you can see the pictures I've added here, but you can see more by going to my Flickr account.
There are some small problems...

Normally they'd be fine and I'd just ask the factory to sort them out, but because I'm off on holiday I can't get replacement wigs in on time.

There are no Blonde Puki sized wigs: these were not included at the factory.
There are no Black/Tin Skinny Plait wigs, again not included.
We're short about five Pink/White Prima Ballerina wigs.
Lastly, the Grey Prima wigs have been sent as Ivory White Primas.

Please be aware that there may be a problem with your order if you ordered these wigs. I will contact you about refunds or swaps.

Shop will close on 29th May and not reopen for TWO MONTHS!

Please place all orders before then! I may open early for preorders, but I will not be selling in stock wigs until August.

Last but not least, I had added a post option called "add to previous unshipped order" to the shop so that people could combine multiple preorders. Please DO NOT pick this option if you don't have another order to combine it with and make sure you use the same name for both! I know it sounds obvious, but you would not believe the number of people who've done this, and the majority of them seem to be from English speaking countries too... it makes my life harder, so please don't :P

Thank you!


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