Friday, 24 June 2011

Next Preorder

Time to sort out the next order!

Hi All! I'm still in America, loving the fact that the weather is exactly the same as England right now! Ah well, can't complain as I get to be with great people, and soon I'll be in Florida anyway :) I'm hoping to start working out what wigs I will order next: you can see more comparison pics in my Flickr account.

Here's what I hope to order...

Pixie Wigs for Lati Yellow, some Yo-SD
Tinker wigs for Lati Yellow, Some Yo-SD
Short Alice wigs for Puki and Lati (limited colours)

I will only order colours that have three or more orders as usual, because
I have to fill a minimum order.

This time I want to do things a little differently to reward those people who place orders early with me which makes my life so much easier. If you order a wig at the pre-order stage before I announce final colours (ie in the first two or three weeks) I will be charging just $26 per wig, which puts the price down to what it was before VAT went up :) If you order after that but before they arrive, I will probably make them $27, but as soon as it's announced that they're on their way the price will be set at $28 as usual. Early orders make my life easier, and it hould make it better for you guys too, so you don't have to ask 'why didn't you order X wig in X colour' when they arrive :P I hope you like my idea and I hope it will sav
e you some money in future.

I'd love to hear your opinions on colours and the styles available as I judge the colours to offer based on what you guys say :)

Thank you!


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