Saturday, 2 July 2011

Preorder Explaination

Here's some FAQ answers :) Please read the next post down as well as it contains information specific to this order.

1) Can I get Colour X in style X?

Ok, so for each order I try to keep to a few core styles, with maybe a few extras thrown in... this time we've ended up with much more interest in the Short Alice wig which was in fact preordered last time... normally I would prefer to not order duplicates, but I don't mind adding some popular colours...

For each wig my company says I must order at least 5 or 6 of each colour within a style, so if someone wants to add a colour that's not offered, I have to know that other people will buy: preferably at least three should be sold within the pre-order period as the rest comes out of my own money.

For Puki wigs you are restricted anyway: Only black bordered (non heat resisting) colours can be ordered because of the weft thickness.

2) Can I add a wig in a style that's not being offered?

It is hard for me to run orders that become over complicated: I do this completely in my spare time as a hobby so please bare with me when I forget stuff or say no: it's because I can only see myself continuing with this as long as it remains a fun thing to do on top of my job and studies... I can usually tell you when I'm likely to order your preferred style again though?

3) I recognise some of those styles from Lati!

Yup, you've guessed it: I use the same company as Lati themselves do. It started when I contacted a wig manufacturer about a year ago, asking if they would consider adding Lati sized wigs to their range. They worked on a new wig cap size and then a wig design that I'd drawn up based on the Cat Coco wig: that's the Tracy wig that started all of this!

Since then I am proud to say that Lati have used some of my designs alongside their own and those of the original company. I hope I can come up with more unique styles for everyone in the not so distant future.

4) I noticed the web site is down for maintenance/ I can't get into your shop!

I am currently on holiday XD

I will reopen for pre-orders sometime next week, and I will be open for two weeks only: at this time the shop will be working. During this time wigs will be reduced to $26. After pre-order closes the price will increase to $27, and then to $28: this is to encourage and reward those people who order early as it costs me less and makes the purchase less complicated!

Currently the shop is closed because the wigs I have in stock are in England and I won't be back until August: if anything were to sell to people who didn't realise I was away they'd be waiting for a long time ;)

5) How do I contact you away from Flickr?

Email me! You can sign up to the mailing list using the form on the right here --->

My address is rapunzel-rapunzel AT hotmail

6) How do I find out when the preorder opens?

Many, many random ways: the best is via the mailing list as mentioned above, but if you watch my Flickr stream I usually announce things fairly obviously on there. There's also a Flickr group, I use Den of Angels fairly regularly and I change my signature on there to reflect upcoming orders.

NEW 7) How long will the order take to arrive?

Usually it's about 6 weeks after my order opens, but this time it may be longer because they've warned me next month will by busy for them... I hope before September ends... I will keep everyone up to date :)

NEW 8) Can I get a discount if I order more?

Yes, I'm pleased to say that people who order 15 or more wigs are entitled to a group order discount: please contact me for more information!


Ok, I hope that helps? Please message me somewhere if there's anything else you need to know, but be aware that I'm on holiday and won't reply instantly :)

Thanks a lot,

Chloe x

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