Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Group Order thread posted + Extra colours


I posted a thread on DoA, located here. If you can't see the thread or you aren't a member, you can still join! Please just send me a flickr mail or write a comment on here to join, stating the number and colour of wigs you'd like.

Hopefully we can fill 50 slots pretty quickly! The wigs are $26 plus shipping from me to you, there are no paypal fees. If you are ordering over 5 wigs I can arrange direct EMS to you, but you will need to pay the shipping fee: each wig will be $23 if this is the case but you will need to pay fees so please let me know beforehand :)

Most people seem to want a tighter wig cap and the same length. If you are adament you don't want these details let me know, I can probably get some wigs made with shorter hair but you will not be able to see them as a sample I'm afraid.


Some people asked about whites, so here's some more (NON heat resisting) colours (bottom row):
Bubblegum, Pure White, Grey White, Gold, Chocolate, Teddy Gold, Gold/Pink mix.

Participants (Rough List) 19/50

1-9 Kitty
10-18 Lorelei
19-21 C
22-25 Pandadesign

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