Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First Wigs!

Hi everyone!

So, you're here because you expressed interest in the Lati Flip wig, but I can't sell on Flickr, especially now they've deleted all the good groups... grrr...

Anyhoo, here I am! *ahem*. I want to wait until my wig arrives before I state a definite price, but I know it will be no more than $30, probably around the $26 mark to get the wig from them to me, and for me to restyle the wig. Postage from me to you will be exact costs only as I'm not a postage profiteer ;) So maybe... $30 total, including shipping from me to you? It'd be less if I'm in the same country (I am back in the UK from June). Would that be ok with people?

As a teaser, I hope you like the bob concept shown above :) It's the one I'm going to suggest next: I really like it! I have a whole sheet of these ready to draw up in Photoshop.

So, in conclusion... please FM me or leave a note here saying if you'd like to join the GO, what you'd like to order and if you're ok with the price. Once I have enough to split the EMS shipping evenly I will start to ask for cash :)

Thanks so much for your opinions everyone!

Chloe xxx

Top Row: Black, Darkets Brown, Chocolate Brown, Auburn, Brown, Dark Blonde, Ash Blonde

Second: Light Brown, Red Brown, Red, Gold, Burgundy, Plum, Maroon,

Third: Light Blonde, White Blonde, Peacock, Bright Blue, Lilac, Pale Blue, Pink

Fourth: Silver, Grey, (Turquoise, Green, Royal Blue, Purple, Red: these are non-heat resisting)

There is also a brighter white, a few more blondes and a pretty gold-pink mix (non heat resisting, not shown)


  1. So far:

    1. 3D Bright Blue
    2. 3F Pale Blue
    3. 3G Pink
    4. 4A Silver
    5. 4B Grey
    6. 4G Red