Monday, 29 March 2010

It's here!

Hooray, hooray hooray hooray!

It's here! I am well chuffed (a colloquial term :P), it's beautiful. the fibre is soft and silky, the curls only needed a little reshaping, the fringe falls in the right place, love it. The only issue I can see is that A) the wig cap is a little loose, and B) the length is a little long. I'd like some answers about the length please, and also if you think a loose wig cap may be an issue let me know.

I'd like to open orders in a matter of days :) Keep an eye out, it'll hopefully be a short ordering period!

Chloe xx

PS Thinking of naming the Style "Angela" or "Favorleigh" after a character in an Enid Blyton series I read as I child. I remember this girl taking great pride in her blonde hair, and spending ages making sure the curls at the ends were perfect!

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