Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wigs, Glorious Wigs!

Ok, so I got an update from the first company and they are willing to offer me a better discount (yey!) but it requires that I put in an order for 100 wigs (boo...). Normally I'd say this would be fine as I can order an excess of wigs and have some in stock to sell on DoA/Etsy/here, but 100 wigs is a fair amount... I'd need at least 50 of those to be a preorder. If I can manage this then wigs will almost certainly be $26 each, less than if I only order say thirty and split the shipping. HOWEVER:

1) We will have to wait for 50 preorders.
2) I will need to do a quick survey to find out which colours to keep 'in stock'.
3) The wait will probably mean that I am back in the UK when they are made, and so the shipping to the USA will be more, but to Europe will be less.

Please let me know what you think: better to wait longer and pay less on wigs, but more on shipping for USA types, or better to order a smaller amount and possibly have them here before I leave America. If a person is ordering a larger number of wigs and is ok to pay the EMS shipping to get them posted straight to them, that's ok too :)

Please do the poll to the right!


  1. Chloe i want to order after i see the one that is coming to you, then i can be more informed as to the number i want to order. Probably 8 but maybe up to 11, so as soon as your's comes then hopefully i can be in time to order ^___^

  2. Hey Kitty, if I can get a better idea of how many to order then I'll be ordering as soon as I can: just waiting on this sample wig to arrive!

    If you order 8 then I can definitely arrange for your wigs to be posted straight to you, no matter where the rest go. You will have to pay EMS though, sorry! They ship airmail by request, but I doubt you'd want untracked postage with eight plus wigs in a box?

  3. No worries i rather pay EMS for my wigs so its no problem for me ^____^ that way i get them sooner and i dont have stress from trying to track pkgs that are aeromail ^___^.

    Well as soon as your's arrive I will plan to make an order with you, like I said min. 8 - up to 11 ^___^.

  4. Hey Chloe,
    I am a tiny bit confused about the colour charts. In the upper chart are the most colours I love. As I mentioned before I would probably order up to 5 or 6 wigs if there are pale greys, whites and silvery colours :)

  5. Hey Ellen,

    Don't worry, the first wigs will be coming from that exact colour chart. Looking at the poll I will wait until I have 50 preorders and order in bulk from that company so I can sell the wigs for $25-26 instead of $28.

    Subsequent orders may come from a second company, depending on the quality of their samples. The reason I'm thinking of switching is that the first company will only make my wigs if they can sell them themselves which is less fun, plus I have to order a lot of wigs to get a decent discount which is tough if you're in the UK and have to pay customs!

    First order, definitely that first colour chart :) After that I will also have the popular colours in stock.