Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wig Status :)

Above photo is slightly over exposed, so you can see the differences in colours more clearly ;)

Above photo is colour samples from the second company (shown in mohair, the same colours are available in heat resisting fibre, which I'll be ordering in)... love that blue!

Hi All!

So, I'm in talks with a new company right now about making the future wigs I'd like, as the one I chose for the first wig has plans to add them to their website and don't plan on offering me a profitable discount. I do not want to charge ridiculous amounts for the wigs as I want them to be beautiful but affordable, but I cannot continue to work with that company if they will not offer me the discount I need, especially after moving back to customs central ie. the UK!
To clarify, I'm also taking into account my time designing the wig styles, working with the manufacturer to make sure they're perfect and any restyling they need when they get to me (I'm hoping to reduce the gaps you can see between the curls). I will not be charging Paypal fees and I'm hoping that customs won't require me to increase prices when I get back to the UK (UK taxes are typically £13.50 or $18 plus 17.5%). I can't charge more than they do themselves because they may start to sell this style on their site, so to make this a good venture to me I need them to offer me a small retail discount :)

So, for now the wigs will be made by this company, available in those colours. In the future this may change: I'm not offering them any more concepts until I can be sure I will have exclusivity/a better discount over my designs in future... does that make sense?

Now, on to the wigs themselves.

I'm so excited people are interested in buying them! I can only see one potential problem, and that's the timing of the GO. My wig is on its way and should hopefully be here in a week or two. Then if I give it say a week to put in the order and three to make it, we could be recieving them in early May... only problem is, I don't know where I'll be! I'll be in America for definite, but I am travelling after my course ends and won't be at one address for long.

I think I will give them a friends address: I'm staying with her towards the end of May. That way when they arrive I can do any restyling that's necessary, get the USA ones posted out and probably carry the UK/Europe ones back with me in my suitcase for cheaper postage from the UK: whoopee!

Hope that sounds reasonable, I'll post on here once I know what's going on.

Chloe xx

PS I love bold!


  1. So the colors in the 2nd photo are done w/ mohair? and when produced they will be HRF or mohair? 0.o'''.

    I dont have a problem with a person breaking even on the wigs, but i dont understand how you can be going in the negative if your charging what the company charges + shipping to you / into the number of ppl + shipping to there location, idk maybe im not getting it but it seems simple enough to work out the mathematics?

  2. Hey!

    The second photo has Mohair examples, they use the same colours for their heat resisting wigs and it's that fibre I'll be using :)

    As for the pricing, I'm talking more about my time than the physical costs, although I won't be adding paypal fees so there's that too (fees always catch me out: I think it's because I have a UK paypal account and fees are different depending on where the other person lives?). I meant I won't be able to do lots of orders or design lots of wigs unless there's a benefit to it: as a clothing designer I'm sure you'll understand! The physical cost of the cloth to make an outfit is not much at all, but the time taken is another matter...

    Hope that makes sense!

  3. Oh ok well i was wondering if they were mohair or HRF ^___^.

    Well you can do the personal payment option now with the buyer paying the fee's which i would def. recommend.

    Oh i see what your getting at. Well obviously if your designing them or doing semi-knock offs ^___~ then ya should tack on a nominal fee i dont think anyone would have a problem with that ^____^ and if they do, well they dont need to order ^__^. The thing is you dont want to out price yourself bc if the wigs go over the 30.00 mark, for me personally then i have to rethink - do i need 12? or maybe 8 you see? so thats always a consideration as well.

  4. Also two cents here - i think this wig is the end all of wigs, its totally cute you should have them make some of these wigs - sidepart - cute chubby short piggy tails - long enough on the sides to cover elf/goat ears etc ^___~

  5. Yeah, I need to update that too: I'm great at writing long and confusing posts!

    Personal payments sounds like an option if I continue to work with them, but I don't know if I might have people worried about that, like with the Lati vamp split?

    Yeah, semi knock-offs for the win ;) I really wanted to work on something like this because I knew there as no way I could afford the Lati ones, but my future styles will be more original. We have to decide on the weft layouts and number and so on as well as drawing up the first sketches, which is all I've shown. At first I just wanted a black one for me but then I thought other people might like them too. The bob wig is an example of that: I hope you like that one too?

    I will definitely not be going over the $30 mark, have no fear! Unless they arrive totally crappy and I have to remake the whole wig there's no way I'd charge over $30 because I wouldn't want to pay over $30... I'm cheap lol :P Hey, that's why I began to work on this wig in the first place!

    Eeee, I just ordered one of those wigs in a GO :D I love them... of course, bunches aren't exactly original but I think I could work on something... a bit.. hmmm... how DO you make bunches original? We'll see :P

  6. Well for that whole 'thing' with pp from the lati wig, now you dont have to send it as a gift - you can just make the person whose sending pay the fee, which is a good thing because the other way *gift* is really not a comfortable level for some people lol hahaha. I'm ok with it now but before i was like 0.o''' say whaaaaaaaaa!!

    For the bob - ok for my random 2 cents i would rather have a bob that is cheek level think flapper style of hair, because you can get the monique wig and cut it in that style, but its not been something ive needed you know? For me personally, i like cuteness first over functionality LOL!! So like the jaime doll wig i love that wig! In fact if i had to pick one wig that is my favorite style that would be it! it fits great, its not all fly-away like fairyland wigs *ugh* and it doesnt loose fibers like rubyredgalleria's and it stays in place even if i leave it out on my desk for a day or two. The sidepart is my first consideration *bc that is always cute and classic* also i like the idea that the wig is not one solid color *again see rubyredgalleria's lavendar & pink long style* they are seriously ugly in person - jaime doll nailed that wig bc its mixed with white like the lati elf lea wig is also mixed with white fibers. Im sure some ppl like solids but i prefer a more color dimensional look to them, otherwise i think they look cheep you know? =S.

    Ya i mean if the wigs are nice quality fibers and dont look cheep then i dont have a problem paying 30.00 for it - i wont pay over that unless its a wig on my most wanted list lol *lati ltd. wig*. ^__________^

  7. Hey Kitty,

    Cheek level bob is on my to-do sheet :D I have a sketch of about... thirty designs I'm looking to work on over the next few months, and the cheek level bob is there: it does have a fringe (bangs?) right now though. I'm hoping to start with the more simple styles and move up to historical ones ;)

    I didn't realise the Jaime wig is two colours! I don't know if these companies can do that, although the first one does have a colour that's gold and pink mixed: quite pretty actually :) I don't know if I'd want to do the side parting as I don't want to come out with something the same as another companies work... maybe if the part swept the other way, or the bunches were higher? I'll wait till I see the wigs in person before I decide.

    Right now I'm negotiating with the second company and they're making up samples of both wigs... fingers crossed!

  8. The cheek level bob i was thinking of would be something like this ^____^. I would probably take one in white but again im really not into short hair so much 0.o'' i just realized this *atm* lol.

    Ya the pink pony is 2 fibers, white and baby pink mixed, its a bit lighter than elf lea's mixed pink wig but super gorgeous. If you used the opposite side part then i dont think that would be a big deal, the style is just super superrrrr cute!! ^___^. But no dont change the chubby tails, there perfectly situated ^___^. Sounds awesome, keep me posted ^___~